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We built a new kind of AI that’s quick, with no mystery, no skills required, and can change as needed.It enables digital teams to rapidly and easily create, configure & deploy their own AI-powered solutions all from one place.

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We’re transforming eCommerce teams into AI experts.

Our mission is to empower eCommerce teams to rapidly, deploy and implement AI into their digital ecosystem. Our user-friendly eCommerce Artificial Intelligence Platform (eAIP) provides the tools to design and construct tailored solutions that require no prior AI experience. We are placing brands in control of shaping the future of their own AI. We will show you how.

We are not a black box. We are Composable AI.

We are not a closed system; we are a unique composable AI solution for eCommerce. Our comprehensive eComm-ready AI Model library, offers Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision, Generative AI, and Quantum AI. We provide you the tools to quickly and seamlessly design and construct tailored solutions that cater exclusively to your needs, ensuring they are uniquely yours.

Welcome to the new world of AI where you are the expert.

AI is rapidly driving global innovation, with only those mastering its intricacies rising to prominence. However, for brands, AI often feels distant and confined to expert developers, especially in eCommerce where reliance on off-the-shelf SAAS products can lead to outdated technology and a significant gap between innovation and accessibility. We have closed that gap.

Our Purpose

Building AI solutions shouldn’t be the most complicated thing you do. They are your tools, and what matters is that they work, just for you.

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Revenue Lift

Whether it’s improving conversion rates, increasing average order value (AOV), or optimizing margins, your brands own AI system can effectively target it and address it.

12 weeks

Max Deployment Time

This is our commitment. Our products are designed for a rapid start, providing you a comprehensive set of tools, including Data Set Management, an eComm-ready Model Library, and Experience Deployment. Each product is a self-contained toolkit for building and generating fast results with your AI.


Max Compose Time

Composing your own AI system now allows you to be in control. This is your product, your design and your AI. Build it the way you want, to target your business goals in under 1 hour. No prior skills required.